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“Tinder for Cow” To Match Love for Livestock And Helping In Trading.

An App called “Tudder” which is inspired by tinder is helping farmers to match up partners for their cattle.

Tudder is a mixture of tinder and udder which lets farmers to swipe right on the cattle they like after that they are redirected to where they can find more pictures and information about the animal before buying.

Same like tinder , tudder let farmers to choose between male and female, then swiping through the photo right for yes and left for no until they find a match.

This App makes data available at fingertips thus connecting farmers from all over the country to make trading more easier.

Tudder helps aninal to remain in their natural habitat person who is interested can ring up or come up to see or even can see the picture instead of putting animal in lorries.

This App also help farmers by giving them ease of access to all animals at a single platform as at market they cannot go to each and every single animal

Sell My Live Stock has listed over 64 Million USD of livestock , Tudder  gives them a new view of farming driven by technology.

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