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Tesla Acquires Maxwell a Battery Technology Firm for $218 Million USD: Way to Better Batteries

Tesla Recently Acquired Ultracapacitor maker Maxwell Technologies to know the secrets for Dry Electrode Intellectual Properties.

This Merger Cost Tesla a whopping amount of $218 Million USD, $4.47 US for Each Share making its way for a better battery for its future cars

Tesla is increasing its Sedan Model 3 Production and needs to lower the price to reach a large customer base.

Maxwell Officials in January told they had developed and patented a Dry Electrode technology that could cut the cost of electric vehicles while increasing the driving range  

Capacitive storage instead of using chemicals for energy storage rely on ultracapacitors and they do not wear out as batteries do, Dry Electrodes used in ultracapacitor has a longer life span.

Apart from above ultracapacitor poses a very good quality of quick charge and discharge regardless of temperature, this could help Tesla to charge their car even faster than current technology.

Tesla plans to borrow the Maxwell construction Technique and apply them to their existing batteries for improvements.

Volvo had a deal with Maxwell in last May and described ultracapacitor technology as “helping to deliver Peak power for Electric Vehicles”, Maxwell’s customers also include General Motors and Lamborghini.

Elon Musk CEO of Tesla has earlier shown interest in ultracapacitor back in 2013 in his tweet, He tweeted “I’m a big fan of ultracapacitors. Was going to do my Ph.D. at Stanford on them. But we need a breakthrough in energy density…”

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