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Isopropanol Market: A Deep Dive Analysis of Various Regions and Strategies During Forecast Period 2019 – 2028.

From consumer to industrial purposes, isopropanol seeks extensive consumption across a wide range of applications, including personal care & cosmetic products, household products, and industrial sectors such as medical, chemical, and electronics. While being popular as a solvent for use in various industrial processes, isopropanol’s use as a cleaning agent has led the compound to become an imperative ingredient in the semiconductor and electronics industry. However, as the isopropanol market matures, industry stakeholders continue to witness constraints in product and technology innovation alike.

While some industries are facing a turmoil of supply-demand gap, leading companies are shifting their focus toward employing alternative production methods and expansion of their manufacturing facilities. A recent Fact.MR study projects a volume CAGR of 2.1% for the highly mature isopropanol market in the period of forecast (2018-2028). Over US$ 4,800 Mn worth of isopropanol will be consumed globally by 2028-end. Fluctuation price trend of propylene and crude oil is a key growth deterrent for the isopropanol market in the upcoming years.

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Isopropanol Market: Isopropanol Consumption in APEJ Remains Vigorous

Isopropanol market continues to remain vigorous in Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), with the study projecting over US$ 1,600 Mn worth of isopropanol consumption by 2028-end. Majority share of the isopropanol market in APEJ will remain accounted by China, however consumption rate is expected to be relatively higher in India and ASEAN countries through 2028. Preeminence of the pharmaceutical sector on APEJ’s isopropanol market will prevail. Support of the progressive FMCG sector to the market growth in the region will also remain significant.

Europe has prevailed as a dominant marketplace for isopropanol in the recent past. However, accusations on major stakeholders such as AAE, the Belgian chemical group, and relevant supply chain participants, such as Anex Customs, and Danmar Logistics, export of chemicals used in sarin nerve gas production, have posed a negative impact on the region’s chemicals market, as isopropanol is no exception. Nevertheless, promising future of the construction sector, which involves robust consumption of paints and coatings agents, will offset these impacts while driving demand for the compound as an essential prerequisite solvent. According to the study, Europe will follow APEJ in the isopropanol market, in terms of value and volume.

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Application of Isopropanol as Biofuel to Emerge as a Key Trend

An emerging trend being witnessed in the isopropanol market is its surging use as a biofuel. Recent analyses made to devise engineered synthetic pathways for producing isopropanol from microbes have meant that significant potential lies for isopropanol’s utilization as a biofuel for replacing gasoline. Moreover, manufacturing isopropanol using lignocellulosic waste represents a remunerative avenue for economically-feasible production of the compound. With the rise in era of green chemicals, which promotes adoption of bio-based chemicals, biological production methods of isopropanol will be sought-after in the upcoming years, thereby impacting the market growth.

Shifting preference for light-feed petrochemicals in developed markets have led to the shortage in supply of isopropanol, with demand surging without leaps and bounds, which in turn has resulted in significant price hike of the compound. This, coupled with prevailing uncertainties in cost of propylene, has advocated isopropanol manufacturers to employ acetone-based production method. Fundamental benefits associated with the method, such as facilitated production of electronic- and pharma-grade isopropanol, will pave new avenues for the market in the forthcoming years.

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Table of Contents Covered in the report are:

Chapter 1 Executive Summary
1.1 Isopropanol Market- Opportunity Assessment
1.2 Mega Trends

Chapter 2 Global Isopropanol Market Overview
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Market Definition
2.3 Scope of the report

Chapter 3 Market Dynamics
3.1 Key Growth Drivers
3.2 Industry Challenges
3.3 Market Trends
3.4 Supply Chain
3.4.1 Trends in the Isopropanol Market Has Many Supply Chain Implications
3.5 Levels of Supply Chain Maturity
3.6 Isopropanol Production Capacity
3.7 Propylene Market Overview
3.7.1 Propylene Demand Growth
3.7.2 Capacity Additions: PDH and CTO Lead the On-Purpose Wave
3.7.3 Key Market Trends
3.8 Investment Feasibility Matrix
3.9 Trade Analysis
3.9.1 Region wise Trade Activity Outlook
3.10 PESTL Analysis
3.11 Porter’s Analysis
3.12 Cost Structure
3.13 Product Lifecycle
3.14 Forecast Factors
3.15 Key Market Participants – Intensity Map Analysis

Chapter 4 Global Isopropanol Market Analysis
4.1 Global Isopropanol Market Outlook
4.1.1 Market Value, Volume Forecast and Analysis
4.1.2 Price Index and Price Point Assessment
4.1.3 Regional Demand Assessment Market Volume Share by Region
4.2 Global Isopropanol Market Analysis by Grade Type
4.2.1 Value, Volume and Forecast by Grade Type
4.2.2 Y-o-Y Growth Comparison by Grade Type
4.2.3 Market Attractiveness Analysis by Grade Type
4.2.4 Global Isopropanol Market Analysis by Technical Grade Type
4.3 Global Isopropanol Market Analysis by Manufacturing Process
4.3.1 Value, Volume and Forecast by Manufacturing Process
4.3.2 Y-o-Y Growth Comparison by Manufacturing Process
4.3.3 Market Attractiveness Analysis by Manufacturing Process
4.4 Global Isopropanol Market Analysis by Applications
4.4.1 Value, Volume and Forecast by Applications
4.4.2 Y-o-Y Growth Comparison by Applications
4.4.3 Market Attractiveness Analysis by Applications
4.5 Global Isopropanol Market Analysis by Primary Function
4.5.1 Value, Volume and Forecast by Primary Function
4.5.2 Y-o-Y Growth Comparison by Primary Function
4.5.3 Market Attractiveness Analysis by Primary Function

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