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Google Buys “Superpod”, A Q&A App to Improve its Assistant.

Apple and Google are into a race to beat Amazon which is currently dominating the Voice Assistant market Through Alexa. Google had done many changes recently to its device to gain big share in voice assistant market.

According to Axios Report Internet Giant Google had acquired Superpod for $60 Million, Superpod is an app that allows user to submit their questions and get answers from expert,the App was developed by two former Google employees William Li and Sophia Young in 2016 in competition to quora and yahoo answers but later on it was shut down.

Further Actions of the acquisitions are being kept silent by google but In statements to axios and fortune, google confirm the acquisition and told both and li will rejoin the company soon

Before the shutdown of the app, the superpod founder hinted that something bigger on way.” “We can’t share any details at this time, but we’re trekking onwards toward the same north star and are very excited about the future, “statement by founders.

Market Research and Studies show people are using voice assistant, smart speaker for questions and answers and Google is able to gain its position as the internet biggest search engine combining with voice assistant makes a good duo to give accurate answers.

A Research showed Google Assistant is likely to answer six times more accurate answers than Alexa maybe this the reason why Amazon is losing voice assistant market to google and google acquired QnadA App to increase its capability more.

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