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GE Healthcare and VUMC Partner to Make Advance Cancer Treatment Through Artificial Intelligence.

General Electric Healthcare and Vanderbilt University Medical Center have made a five-year partnership to make more precise and safer cancer immunotherapies. Together they will make a diagnostic tool to predict the capability of an immunotherapy treatment and It negative effect on the specific patient. This would help doctors to target right immunotherapies to right patient without side effect and lowering cost of treatment.

Immunotherapies uses the immune system to find and attack cancer cells they are highly effective in some cases but success rates are often low and a side effect can be more and severe. GE and VUMC will analyze and correlate immunotherapies results of thousands of VUMC cancer patient with their demographic, tumor, genomic, cellular, proteomic and imaging data. They will them develop an AI Powered Application that will use this data to help doctors to find the most suitable treatment of each individual patient separately.

Both Partner also plans to develop a new PET tracer which will combine with apps hand help doctors to identify appropriate patients for immunotherapy trial this will reduce trial failure rates along with cost and will speed up approvals of new immunotherapies.

“Immunotherapy offers tremendous promise but given the current unpredictability of some patients’ reactions to treatments, it is also associated with increased morbidity and cost,” says Jeff Balser, president, and CEO of VUMC and Dean of the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. “This partnership provides the opportunity to leverage strengths of both of our organizations to further personalize cancer care by creating new tools that allow clinicians to more accurately predict how patients will respond to a specific therapy,”

“GE Healthcare and Vanderbilt will combine their data science, genomic, imaging and cellular analysis capabilities to help improve clinical decision making,” adds Kieran Murphy, president, and CEO of GE Healthcare. “This partnership is a great example of the increasing convergence of the tools, technologies, and data used by therapy innovators and healthcare providers.”

According to GE Healthcare, the first application prototype will be available by end of 2019 and PET tracer concept by end of 2020.

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