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Future of Entertainment coming in Self Driving Car Driven by Intel and Warner Bros

Intel and Warner Bros Designing a new Unique Car experience which will take passengers to the Gotham City of Batman and showing a demo how the future of in-car entertainment will look like.

“The emergence of autonomous vehicles portends a major shift in how people use their time. The concept car shows how cars will become a new kind of ‘space.,” says Marcie Miller, Automotive Strategic Marketing, Intel Corp.

The concept car BMW X5 2019 Model fitted with large TV Screen, Mobile Devices, Projectors, audio and Lighting Systems to give passenger an immense virtual ride to the Gotham city by Batman Butler, Alfred Pennyworth.

When passengers enter to the car they are able to view and choose various content for their stimulated trip on built in 270 Degree Screen. The Screen Mainly Shows the trailer of various Warner Bros and DC comics Films.

A Table Fitted in the Middle of passenger area will show real-time status of the trip and giving a demo on how intel’s RSS Autonomous car tech see the world. The Warner Bros and Intel futuristic entertainment will pause content and ask permission from passenger if any route change is required , it will also alarm when you are near to reaching to your destination.

It will never be available to consumers, this unique demo shows the new directions to in-car entertainment and could grow the market of Autonomous vehicle and make it more established and mainstream.

Intel is saying that the coming “Passenger Economy” will result in more than 250 million extra hours of commuting time per year for some of the most congested cities in the world.

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