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First Sea Turtle Hospital to Save Precious Life of 200-Million-Year-old Species.

From the age dinosaurs the only species living with us since then are sea turtles and we should not let them extinct in our ages.

At current point of time sea turtles are really struggling to live because our inappropriate behavior towards nature especially towards water bodies.

Our Presence had impacted their home by throwing Plastic bits, Fishing Practices, boat collision, chemical pollution and ocean warming which leads to servals injuries, Diseases and even death to sea turtles.

Out of Seven Sea Turtles Species Six are considered as endangered.

Fortunately, we have a hospital in renovated motel in Florida helping to save injured turtles, rehabilitate and release them.

They have been in business for 30 years now saving the struggling turtle specifies who survived same calamity which killed Dinosaurs.

Hospital is also offering to adopt any of their permanent resident and to support them and take a special care which they deserve

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