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Alkyl Polyglucoside Market : Analysis and In-depth study on market Size Trends, Emerging Growth Factors and Forecasts to 2023

Fact.MR has updated its widely cited report on alkyl polyglucoside market. The revised report now offers a forecast till 2029, as compared to the previous assessment period of 2018-2028. The updated version of the report includes incisive assessment on new developments and trends that can have a far-reaching impact on the market.

The study finds that the alkyl polyglucoside sales closed in on 490 thousand tons in 2018, and are estimated to record a Y-o-Y growth at nearly 7.5% in 2019. The alkyl polyglucoside industry remains driven by growing trend of green surfactants, and robust adoption in the personal care and home care industries. This relatively new generation of environment-friendly, biodegradable, commercially available green surfactants – alkyl polyglucoside – has become an imperative component of cosmetic preparations and detergent formulations.

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According to the study, alkyl polyglucoside finds considerable demand in homecare products such as surface cleaners, dishwashing detergents and laundry detergents, accounting for over 40% sales. Demand from the homecare industry for renewable materials-based surfactants with improved biodegradability has traditionally augured well for alkyl polyglucoside sales. Additionally, high surface activity and non-toxic nature of alkyl polyglucosides further favor their adoption in various homecare products.

Europe Continues to Lead in Alkyl Polyglucoside Sales

The study opines that Europe’s lead in the alkyl polyglucoside market will show no signs of abating, with sales in 2018 accounting for over one-third volume share. Supremacy of Europe in alkyl polyglucoside production and consumption has been primarily impelled by stringent regulations of the regional enforcement authorities such as ECHA, REACH, and EEA, on use of surfactants. Low-toxicity and eco-friendly nature of alkyl polyglucoside falls in perfect sync with these regulations, which in turn has propelled their demand across various industries in the region.

The study finds that alkyl polyglucoside continues to gain a significant popularity as an efficacious enhanced oil recovery (EOR) agent, owing to its lower interfacial tensions (IFT) and phase behavior. There is a constant need for surfactant formulations with low IFT, devoid of salinity and temperature conditions, in oilfield EOR applications, wherein alkyl polyglucosides have emerged as sought-after bio-based surfactants. Additionally, higher wetting and dispersing properties, coupled with greater solubility and stability, of alkyl polyglucoside will continue to underpin their sales in the near future.

According to the study, key players in the alkyl polyglucoside market are directing their focus toward expanding their production capacity to cater increasing demand worldwide. Petroleum-based surfactants are being fast replaced with alkyl polyglucosides in various industries, in turn widening gaps between supply and demand. Leading alkyl polyglucoside manufacturers are also concentrating on curtailing cross-regional volume flows through erection of production facilities at various strategic locations.

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Alkyl Polyglucoside Sales Remain Consolidated in Developed Markets

The study expects the alkyl polyglucoside market to remain consolidated in developed economies such as Europe and North America, and fairly fragmented in emerging nations of APEJ. Foray of new players, with specialized products has further contributed to fragmentation of the market. Companies in the alkyl polyglucoside market primarily concentrate on vertical integration, along with key strategies such as R&D investments for innovative product launches

Introduction of various alternative materials that act as efficacious natural surfactants are expected to constrain alkyl polyglucoside sales to a certain extent. High compatibility to skin, sustainable nature, and enhanced mildness are key attributes of these alternatives that are enabling them eat into shares of the alkyl polyglucoside market.

This study offers a long-term forecast of the alkyl polyglucoside market for the period between 2019 and 2029. The alkyl polyglucoside market is projected to register a volume CAGR of over 7% through 2029.

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Table of Contents Covered in this report are:

1. Executive Summary
1.1. Summarizing Key Findings
1.2. Wheel of Fortune
1.3. Opportunity Assessment
1.4. Mega Trends

2. Global Alkyl Polyglucoside Market Introduction

3. Global Alkyl Polyglucoside Industry Overview
3.1. Global Alkyl Polyglucoside Market Value & Volume Forecast and Analysis
3.2. Surfactants Production By Region
3.3. Consumer Spending Analysis on Surfactants
3.4. Raw Material Sourcing Strategy
3.5. Supply Chain Analysis and Operating Margins
3.6. Market Dynamics
3.7. PESTLE Analysis
3.8. Pricing Analysis
3.9. Competition Matrix
3.10. Impact of Homecare Industry on Alkyl Polyglucosides Market
3.11. Contribution of Middle Tire Companies in the Market

4. Global Alkyl Polyglucoside Market Historical Analysis 2014-2018 and Forecast 2019-2029
4.1. Revenue (US$ Mn) & Volume (Tons) by Product Type
4.1.1. Coco
4.1.2. Lauryl
4.1.3. Decyl
4.1.4. Capryl
4.1.5. Others
4.1.6. Y-o-Y growth Comparison by Product Type, 2014-2029
4.1.7. Market Attractiveness by Product Type
4.2. Revenue (US$ Mn) & Volume (Tons) by Applications
4.2.1. Homecare Surface Cleaners Dishwashing Detergents Laundry Detergents Other Homecare Products
4.2.2. Personal Care Bath Products Cleansers & Wipes Oral Care Other Personal Care Products
4.2.3. Industrial & Institutional Cleaners
4.2.4. Agricultural Chemicals
4.2.5. Oil Fields
4.2.6. Admixtures for Cement, Concrete & Plaster
4.2.7. Others
4.2.8. Y-o-Y growth Comparison by Applications, 2014-2029
4.2.9. Market Attractiveness by Applications
4.3. Revenue (US$ Mn) & Volume (Tons) by Primary Function
4.3.1. Cleansing Agent
4.3.2. Emulsifying Agent
4.3.3. Wetting Agent
4.3.4. Degreasing Agent
4.3.5. Solubilizing Agent
4.3.6. Hydrotope
4.3.7. Foaming Agent
4.3.8. Others
4.3.9. Y-o-Y growth Comparison by Primary Function, 2014-2029
4.3.10. Market Attractiveness by Primary Function
4.4. Revenue (US$ Mn) & Volume (Tons) by Region
4.4.1. North America
4.4.2. Latin America
4.4.3. Europe
4.4.4. Japan
4.4.5. APEJ
4.4.6. MEA
4.4.7. Y-o-Y growth Comparison by Primary Function, 2014-2029
4.4.8. Market Attractiveness by Primary Function

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